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RELIABLE Cutting Tools presents The CRAFTER family:


Models: CC10, CC10-1, CC10-2, & CC16

Maximum width material clamping:
11'-1/2" or 16" on CC-16

Air pressure required: 85 lbs
CC-16 Copecrafter for wider material.
Use as a Railcrafter for 16" material.
Cut rails up to 16" quickly and safely

CC-10 Standard Copecrafter guide with straithg temp. or miter bar.

CC10-1 has 1" base to match Panelcrafter
Increase productin, using PC609 & CC10-1
No adjusting to tenon cut

CC10-2 has 1-1/2" base
use with larger cutters & insert tooling
The original COPECRAFTER was designed by RELIABLE to complement the PANELCRAFTER for the shop that is attempting to obtain higher production. Tenoning has always presented a holding problem, as the material to be cut is invariable narrow and cross grained.

The Copecrafter comes equipped with two clamping cylinders for superior holding.

TWO methods of guiding the Copecrafter in a longitudinal plane across the shaper table:

#1 A straight, Plexiglas template to guide on the vertical wood shaper fence or rub collar.
#2 A 3/4" wide steel bar that attaches to the base of the Copecrafter with two allen cap screws to guide in the miter slot on the saper table top.

SAFETY: The material is clamped to the Copecrafter by means of two powerful air cylinders. With all "Crafter" family units, the operator's hands are away from the cutting tools.

EASE OF OPERATION: The air flotation on the bottom of the copecrafter makes the unit very easy to guide across the shaper table top. Actually converts an ordinary shaper into a sliding table shaper, with the addition of the Copecrafter. Use to cut rails for rapid production.